Resisto 5.9 Tube

Resisto 5.9 Tube is an innovative technological system which aims to guarantee the improvement in seismic performance combined with the increase of energy efficiency of existing buildings.

The design of the system is based on a photogrammetric survey with our drone The system is designed on the basis of a laser scanner survey and according to the structural project developed by the technician in charge, allowing a series of advantages, including:

  • the reduction of work on site
  • a consequent reduction in intervention times
  • total elimination of waste processing
  • cost savings and attention to the environment.

The Resisto 5.9 Tube system can be applied to:

  • masonry buildings
  • reinforced concrete frame buildings

The intervention is aimed at the seismic improvement/adaptation of masonry buildings pursuant to § 8.4.2 and 8.4.3 of the NTC2018, generally falling within the scope of global interventions, with the aim of improving the entire structure.

The system can also be adopted only as a local intervention pursuant to § 8.4.1 of the NTC2018 and can concern interventions on single portions or single masonry elements, in order to contribute to the reduction of the vulnerability of the structure with respect to local mechanisms/kinematics.

The high degree of design-freedom of the RESISTO 5.9 TUBE SYSTEM guarantees intervention on almost all types of buildings also through integration with other structural reinforcement solutions.

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