The first mesh applicable directly on plaster

Sismagrid is an innovative low thickness\seismic reinforcement system that is completely dry and can be installed without removing the existing plaster.

The reinforcement of the masonry walls is carried out by means of diffused cladding or cladding on portions of the building and is realised with square-meshed preformed mesh, consisting of 2 mm  thick metal strips of pre-galvanised structural steel S350GD+Z.

Sismagrid on load-bearing masonry

Main benefits of Sismagrid

  • Easy and simple dry setting
  • No need for plaster removal
  • Low thickness
  • total elimination of waste processing
  • cost savings.

Fields of application

The system can be applied to:

  • infills of reinforced concrete buildings
  • buildings with bearing walls.

Local intervention and seismic improvement

In the first instance, the intervention takes the form of a local intervention (§ 8.4.1 of the Italian NTC2018) to inhibit the formation of kinematic collapse mechanisms. Furthermore, if it is applied throughout the entire building, it can contribute to the seismic improvement of the building globally, favouring the box action of the structure.

As demonstrated during experimental tests on masonry specimens, the mesh can also allow an increase in resistance and deformation capacity in the plane of the single panel due to shear and buckling failure mechanisms. Plates in the horizontal direction serve as shear reinforcement, those arranged in the vertical direction as bending reinforcement.

Sismagrid modules

The system is available in the following configuration:

  • 1300×2900 mm modules
  • 50 mm plates
  • 400×400 mm reticular mesh
  • pitch 400 mm anchors.

Discover the benefits of the anti-seismic reinforcement

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