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Immagine per Sismagrid

Sismagrid is an innovative low thickness\seismic reinforcement system that is completely dry and can be installed without removing the existing plaster.

Immagine per Resisto 5.9 Tube

Resisto 5.9 Tube is an innovative technological system which aims to guarantee the improvement in seismic performance combined with the increase of energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Immagine per Resisto 5.9

Resisto 5.9 is an innovative seismic thermal coating registered by Progetto Sisma to achieve seismic reinforcement of structures together with excellent thermal insulation in a single ready-to-use product.


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Our Story

Progetto Sisma is expertise and innovation in seismic improvement and energy efficiency, , conceived in the Tecno Polo based in Mirandola (MO). Every day, we respond to those looking to renovate their homes with a view to seismic and energy improvement, offering a solution that allows for tax recovery. Thanks to the Italian Superbonus 110%, it is possible to ask for it.

Two solutions in one; thanks to the innovative Resisto 5.9 earthquake-proof thermal coating built with insulating materials and the patented system, you can take advantage of the 2020 home renovation bonus with the invoice discount.

Seismic prevention

Due to its geographical position, placed in the convergent boundary between the African and the Eurasian plates, Italy has a high seismic risk. Over 2.500 years, there have been nearly 30.000 earthquakes of medium and strong intensity, the most recent and devastating in L'Aquila in 2009, in Emilia Romagna in 2012, in Central Italy in 2016 and at Etna in 2018.

Bricks houses and homes to renovate need seismic reinforcement. Doing earthquake-resistant work on historic buildings is a necessary intervention, and the cost is covered by the Sismabonus within the Superbonus 110%.

Our mission

“A safer and more efficient home for everyone” is the mission of Progetto Sisma. Thanks to an established Partner network that combines the best skills necessary for project development (companies, general contractors, technicians, etc.), Progetto Sisma works to make every home safe and peaceful, making each housing solution structurally more solid and energy efficient.

Our goal for the future is to provide a solution that takes care of of everything, from design to bureaucracy management, from product supply to execution, without the need for upfront investment and ensuring a skilful job.

Thanks to Academy, Progetto Sisma is launching an affiliation programme that involves the selection and training of the best partners. Once educated on the technical and functional aspects of laying their products, they can skilfully provide their service throughout the territory.

Patented method

Resisto 5.9 Resisto 5.9 is the innovative anti-seismic thermal coating registered by Progetto Sisma (patent applications’ no. 10201900009042 and no. 202019000001902), which allows a seismic reinforcement of structures together with excellent thermal insulation in a single ready-to-use product.

Professional quality guaranteed

For the production and installation of our particular seismic coating, we only select partners trained within the Academy membership programme, where all technical aspects and installation of our products are covered.

At Academy , professionals are capable and qualified, thus creating a network of competence and quality throughout Italy.

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