Resisto 5.9K

The anti-seismic coating: two solutions in one

The Resisto 5.9K is an innovative technological solution that, thanks to a combined technique carried out outside the building, enables:

  1. securing the building
  2. previous buildings’ energy efficiency, considering current laws. 

A safer and more efficient home for everybody

Innovation at the service of living

There are many reasons to choose Resisto 5.9K:

  • structural seismic reinforcement, excellent thermal insulation all in one complete solution
  • non-invasive intervention: only from the outside, leaving the interior of the buildings usable
  • high design freedom
  • reduction of work on the construction site
  • reduction of intervention times
  • total elimination of processing waste
  • economic saving
  • care for the environment
  • 110% Ecosismabonus deductions

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    Suitable for all buildings

    It’s possible to use Resisto 5.9K on almost any building, even through integration with other structural reinforcement solutions.

    Find out all the benefits of a solution that works

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